We are proud to report that Landrends Barn is carbon neutral!

The heating and hot water is supplied by a Biomass boiler, which burns wood pellets. The wood pellets are made from wood harvested from the trees of sustainable pine forests in the UK and Europe. Revenue from the sales of the pellets are used to constantly replant forests and the trees absorb the CO2 created by the boiler emissions, vehicle transportation of the pellets, as well as other CO2 emissions. There is minimal waste from the burning of the pellets, the ash being used as fertiliser.

The electricity for the barn is generated by photovoltaic solar panels on the garden house roof adjacent to Kylden Barn. The electricity generated by these panels provides all the electrical requirements for the barn. They also supply any surplus electricity generated to an emersion heater in the hot water tank to top up the hot water supplied by the Biomass boiler.

Landrends water is supplied from our Bore Hole in the field. It is pumped up from deep within the hill and then passes through our filter system. We think it tastes fantastic and so much better for not passing through an industrial treatment centre!

We also have an electric car charging point available. This was installed to provide a charging point for our Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle and charges the batteries within 2 hours. Please let us know if you wish to use this facility to charge your electric vehicle. You will need to check compatibility.

All cleaning products used to clean your apartment are eco-friendly, as is the washing powder, dishwasher powder & washing up liquid.

Our toilet rolls are made from bamboo, and are individually packaged in paper. All bin liners are bio-degradable, as are our coffee pods.

Percy & Wilbur, our Kune Kune pigs will eat all your leftovers, so no food waste either!